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MagnepulsTM Equipment

Elmag’s MAGNEPULSTM Electromagnetic Metal Forming Equipment reflects many years of experience in the design and fabrication of industrial equipment. Safety and reliability were the guiding principles for the FA-Series machines. The equipment is built to JIC standards and incorporates advanced, self-diagnosing controls.

A typical MAGNEPULSTM EMF assembly system consists of three major components:  The Energy Storage and Control Unit, the Electromagnetic Working Coil, and a Work Station.

Magnepuls EMF Equipment

The Energy Storage and Control Unit houses these elements:

  • Capacitor energy storage bank with the discharge switches
  • High voltage power supply which charges the capacitor bank
  • Trigger circuits which initiate the capacitor bank discharge cycle
  • Control system with operator and diagnostic panel

The Electromagnetic Forming Coil converts the stored electrical energy into electromagnetic forming pressure.

The Work Station inserts the work piece into the forming coil, holds it in position for the forming operation, and removes it from the forming coil.

Depending on your requirements, the work station can be something very complex — such as a fully automated turn table — or quite simple, such as a manually operated positioning fixture as shown below.

Magneform Energy Storage and Control Unit

The above shows an automated work station designed by Elmag personnel for a major automotive company to assemble the stop ring onto the power steering worm gear shaft (shown on the right). The Energy Storage and Control Unit is in the back. The Electromagnetic Compression Coil is on top of the rotary table. The worm gear shaft with the loaded ring is automatically lifted into the electromagnetic compression coil.

magneform EMF equipment

The picture above shows a simple manual work piece loading station which is mounted on top of the Electromagnetic Compression Coil. This set-up is used to assemble the brass caps onto HV fuses.

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