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Boeing Certificate of Recognition

For the US Government MX-Missile Connector Program

Elmag was qualified as a single source by the Boeing Aerospace Company to participate in the design and development of the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)-Proof Connectors for the US Air Force’s MX Missile.

Elmag worked closely with Boeing personnel, designing an EMI-proof electrical connector / back shell joint. Elmag’s design met all the US Air Force specifications. As a result, Elmag designed and built a complete MAGNEPULSTM /Magneform assembly system including a work station and all necessary tooling.

The whole system was installed on a timely basis. It is since in trouble- free operation.

As a result of our efforts, and on-time delivery, Elmag received a Small Business Supplier award from the Boeing Company.

Photos of some of the connector components with back shells, as well as the MAGNEPULSTM machine to assemble them, appear below.

Elmag 16 kJ MAGNEPULSTM machine for assembling EMI-Proof Electric Connectors for the US Airforce MX Missile.

Note: The back shell is intimately swaged onto the connector with an EMF pulse, thus providing an EMI proof joint.


The connector assembly on the left shows two operations; 1. the anodized back shell is formed 360 degree onto the connector and 2. an anodized Al-ring is tightly swaged onto the braiding. Both operation assured a 360 degree EMI-proof  joint.

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