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EMF Technology in the Ordnance Industry

The photo to the right shows a sixty-kJ Magneform Machine with an Electromagnetic Forming Coil designed by Elmag Staff for the Boeing Aerospace Company.

This Magneform machine joins the rocket motor to the warhead for the US Air Force General Support Rocket System (GSRS).

Because of the high forming speed, there is no spring back of the housing material thus, assuring a tight, intimate 360-degree fit of housing to the rocket motor section

Magneform EMF Equipment for Boeing

Projectile Banding with Elmag EMF Technology. The samples show 30 mm projectile samples. Notice the 360 degree imprint on the guide bands.

Assembled Projectile with Ogive before and after assembly with Elmag EMF

Securing of Launch Tubes to Bulkheads of a Rocket Launcher. The 19 guide tubes are expanded from the inside into the four bulk heads with an expansion coil. The right picture shows a cut-out section of the tube and bulk head.

To the right is a section of an anti-tank rocket and the complete assembly. The rockets are assembled with EMF.  Note the 360 degree tight joint of the two sections.

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