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EMF Technology in the Aerospace Industry

Oil Filter Assembly for the Aerospace Industry. The aluminum security bands were formed onto the Oil Filters with an Electromagnetic Pulse which made them tamper-proof.

The picture to the right shows filters with security bands prior to and after assembly.       

Aircraft Push-Pull Rods assembled with Elmag EMF Technology.  The anodized Tubes were swaged with an electromagnetic Pulse resulting in a tight 360 degree joint.

Airplane Flight Control Tube Application

EMF Technology for Boeing

Because of Elmag’s dedication to meet our customers’ schedule requirements and Elmag’s engineering depth, Elmag was chosen to participate in the Boeing 777 Airplane program.

Electromagnetic Metal Forming has been in use for many decades. Over that time period, many machines have been installed in various industries. Most of these machines were low energy machines. During the last 20 years or so, there has been a strong interest by the aerospace and automotive industry to reduce the weight of their products by replacing steel with aluminum alloys or composite materials. This meant, that methods had to be found to join dissimilar materials such as aluminum to steel or to carbon fiber / plastics.

Electromagnetic Metal Forming is ideally suited to solve these manufacturing challenges. However, most of these applications also demanded larger MagnepulsTM machines and highly efficient Compression Coils to produce high electromagnetic pressures in a production environment. To meet the demand for larger equipment, Elmag developed a high energy coil design. When Elmag was selected to work with the Boeing Airplane Company to assemble the torque tubes for qualification testing for the 777 Airplane, we were ready to apply our new proprietary technology.

EMF Technology Torque Tubes

Elmag provided sample torque tubes to Boeing for qualification testing. The picture shows a torque tube which was subjected to reverse cycling. The tube failed while the joint stayed intact. The cut-off section shows the intimate contact of the tube to the end fitting. The lower samples are finished torque tubes.

Installed Flight Control Torque Tubes assembled with Elmag’s MAGNEPULSTM Equipment.

Flight Torque Tube for Boeing

Complete, installed Elmag EMF System to assemble Flight Control Torque Tubes for the Boeing 777, 747, 757, 767 and 737 airplanes.

Installed Magnepuls System EMF Technology

MAGNEPULSTM machine with a 60 kJ liquid cooled compression coil for an  Aerospace manufacturing plant for the assembly of Flight Control Torque Tubes.

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