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MagnepulsTM System Built for the Consumer Industry

Right: An Elmag FA-Series MAGNEPULSTM Machine with switchable banks and three compression coils used to secure three bearings on an engine driven drive shaft.

Below: Domestic Stove Gas Burner Assembly. The Aluminum Skirt with Gas Orifices is formed onto the steel burner assembly.

The picture on the left shows the assembly prior to placing it inside the compression coil.

The picture on the right shows the assembly after placing it into forming position.

Magnepuls EMF Machine for Consumer Industry
Electromagnetic Compression Coil
Radial Flow Blower Assembly

The upper and lower picture on the left show the rings before and after forming with electromagnetic pressure. Notice the intimate contact the rings make with the vanes and the end plates. This is primarily due to the absense of material spring back.

On the right is an electronic office equipment motor. The initially straight cylindrical aluminum housing is shrunk in one operation with electromagnetic pressure onto the stator package and the two plastic end caps.

The aluminum tube of this medical device is shrunk onto the head with an electromagnetic pressure pulse to assure a secure fit between tube and head.

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