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ELMAG's MAGNEPULS, Electromagnetic Metal Forming Equipment reflects many years of experience in the design and fabrication of industrial equipment.  Safety and reliability were the guiding principles for the FA-Series machines.  The equipment is built to JIC standards and incorporates advanced, self-diagnosing controls.  ELMAG's electromagnetic pulse assembly equipment is fabricated to the specific size requirements of your application.



A typical MAGNEPULS™, EMF assembly system consists of three major components.  The Energy Storage and Control Unit (sometimes referred to as ESCU), the Electromagnetic Working Coil, and a Work Station.

The Energy Storage and Control unit houses the capacitor bank ( energy storage bank) with the ignitron switches; the high voltage power supply which charges the capacitor bank; the trigger circuits which initiate the capacitor bank discharge cycle;  and the control system with operator  and diagnostic panel.


The Electromagnetic Forming Coil converts the electrical discharge current into electromagnetic forming pressure.  The field shaper adapts the forming coil to the specific size of the work piece.


The Work Station inserts the work piece into the forming coil, holds it in position for the forming operation, and removes it from the forming coil.  Depending on the customers requirements, the work station can be something quite simple such as a manually operated positioning fixture, or it can be very complex such as a fully automated turn table.

The following pictures provide more insight on different MAGNEPULS EMF equipment-

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Energy Storage & Control Unit

Electromagnetic forming Coil

Work Station


60k Energy Storage Bank with Capacitors and Discharge Switches


Control System with Operator Control Panel, High Voltage Power Supply and Trigger Circuits