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ELMAG, Inc. is dedicated to the industrial application of Pulse Power Technology and especially its application to electromagnetic metal forming technology. 

For the MX-Missile Connector Program


In 1981 ELMAG was qualified as a single source by the Boeing Aerospace Company to participate in the designing and development of the EMI-Proof Connectors for the US Air Force's MX Missile.


Consequently, from 1981 to 1984, ELMAG worked closely with Boeing personnel designing an EMI-proof electrical connector / back shell joint. ELMAG's design met all the US Air Force specifications.


As a result, ELMAG engineered, designed and manufactured a complete MAGNEPULS assembly system including a work station and all necessary tooling.


The whole system was installed on a timely basis in 1984. It is since in trouble free operation. As a result of our efforts, and on-time delivery, ELMAG received a Small Business Supplier award from the Boeing Company.


ELMAG, Inc. is in the business to engineer, design, and manufacture electromagnetic pulse metal forming and assembly equipment and accessories. ELMAG's principal staff  contributed to the development of the technology from its infancy in the early 1960's to the present state-of-the-art.  Each of their staff has over thirty years experience in the design and manufacture of  industrial electromagnetic metal forming equipment.



ELMAG's equipment is sold under the trade name




ELMAG's MAGNEPULSequipment is a new generation of magneform  machines.  ELMAG's primary customers are the aerospace, automotive, consumer, ordnance and packaging industry.


ELMAG's business philosophy,  to design and manufacture the best there can be, and ELMAG's dedication to excellence, outstanding workmanship, and  ability to provide products with performance as promised, earned them repeated business from the aerospace industry and a Small Business Supplier award from the Boeing Aerospace Company.  We take pride in being the acknowledged  industry's technical leader in electromagnetic pulse metal forming and assembly technology.

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